Our Mission

To use the elements of Hip Hop and multiple forms of art expression in Urban/Street Culture as a bridge to speak the language of the people in a relevant way so that we can aggressively evangelize, and share the good news. Our heart is to champion the youth and disciple them to be raised up as lovers of God to pass down the fire from generation to generation.

Plan of Action 

In order to carry out our mission we need to be called to action and have our hearts ready and willing when God calls us out. It is only through the partnership of discipleship and evangelism that we are able to reach the nation of Canada. Living a christ centred lifestyle needs to be our reality. We need to desire to constantly create space for God to move not only in our lives but in others as well. Fulfilling our mission takes changing our heart posture to walk out a daily surrender to the spirit , and a daily call to action. 

Why We Do What We Do 

To share the gospel until every eye and ear has heard the good news. We need to rise up and do our part as the body of christ and let God bring a wave of transformation and redemption in the broken places, communities, churches, and hearts of Canada.